The REY series of resources address the needs of teachers, pedagogues and psychologists, doctors and specialists as well as parents who are looking for an exciting story that can be used to teach.
The purpose of the FROG lesson plan is to help students understand and use vocabulary words in context, so that they can read more fluently, understand the author’s choice of words and gain deeper insight into a word’s meaning.
Students learn new vocabulary, are guided to use them correctly in a sentence and understand their meaning in the text.
Those who have a hard time learning a word from text definitions alone will benefit from the “visual dictionary” approach used in FROG. A picture says more than a thousand words!
Easy and swift comprehension of words occurs only through practice. Being able to identify a word, many times over and in a varied setting, makes a reader more confident. And naturally, varied diet in reading is made easier with enjoyable reading material.
Author (Alayin Rey) Meysam has found that readers gain comprehension more readily when a word is visually matched with its identity and form.
“Cracking” the meaning of a word, in turn and through the visual links established, aid in the learning of the next. In this way, readers take ownership of their learning.